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  • 300% stronger than standard fiberglass screen materials

  • Mildew resistant (includes a biocide compound in the material)

  • Stability from UV damage (after seven years super screen remains 3 times stronger than new fiber glass material)

  • Super screen lasts about 2.5 times longer that fiber glass, so in the long run you save money by not having to re-screen as often


Most people choose Super Screen because it resists damage from golf balls, pets and children playing around the screened in area. Also, if there is a costly expense to remove hurricane shutters abutted the aluminum frame of the lanai in some condos that must be removed prior to rescreening. Since Super Screen lasts 2.5 times longer (20 plus years more than fiber glass screen) it saves on the expense to remove hurricane shutters by not having to rescreen as often.

The Benefits of Super Screen:

Super Screen ® creates an outdoor fabric enclosure that is superior to that of today’s fiberglass screen fabrics. This new technology is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen—for increased strength, stability against deterioration from exposure to the sun, and tear resistance. Combined with a previously unavailable Ten-Year Limited Warranty, you have an investment that will last and last- with less repairs, less maintenance, and big savings in potential replacement costs.